Bite Beauty Matte Crème Lip Crayon

One of my all time favorite brands is Bite. If you aren’t too familiar with it you should check them out. I actually swear by their products. They are creamy, and some of the most beautiful colors I have tried in a really decent price point.

My favorite color out of the three was Red Velvet. As you might have read in my previous post, I love red lipstick. But then again, what girl doesn’t. It adds an immediate sass to your outfit. It doesn’t feel dry, it stays on long too; I wouldn’t say it’s an all day wear though.

Cava was my least favorite color, and that could solely be based on my skin tone. I felt like it washes me out, although I did try to mix it with a different shade of lipstick afterwards and it works out perfectly fine. On it’s own though, I don’t think I will ever wear it. It also had a less creamier texture I found. But then again, I could’ve just been turned off completely after disliking the color on myself.

I really really liked Glacè as it has more of a nude/mauve hint to it and I live for those shades. You never have to worry about anything when you wear such colors, or your outfit, or hair. It’s such a simple easy look. It’s actually been in my makeup bag as my “backup” lipstick since I received it.

Let me know which one is your favorite.


**I received these products complimentary for reviewing purposes #TheMatteCremeLip #contest.**

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