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My Favorite Time of The Year

It’s a week till Christmas Eve, I still have not started my Christmas shopping, and we have another Christmas Dinner today to attend. But, I am soooo excited I can’t even express it to you guys. I love how happy and joyful everyone is around this time. It’s sad that it’s only for a short amount of time, and slowly after everyone gets back into their standard routines and forget the small joys we have (including myself). I think I am going to make that one of my new years resolutions; always find something to be happy about.

I always put up my Christmas tree closer to the end of November, so I can get some more time with it and this was mine and J’s second Christmas together as a married couple. I just got these beautiful personalized pieces from Thunderloft Paper and I can’t stop staring at them. They are so reasonably priced and Carmen does such an exquisite job with her craftsmanship.

The first one says “Squishee” on it, because that’s what I call my hubby and I wanted something that I could always look back at and giggle when we’re older. And one day have our kids look at how special the love of my life is to me.

Don’t you just love how clean her work is?

The other one says “Saba & Jad” because I am nothing but a ball of cheese, and all I can think of is us. Hey!!! I don’t have kids or a pet, so this is where I release my love right now.

The other thing I am working on is a wall of neat art and inspirational quotes. J loves Rumi, and once he introduced me to the work I was blown. I couldn’t be happier to have receive this piece, so I can frame it and add it to the collection in our bedroom. The best part is, it actually speaks to me and J. So much to be grateful for, and so much to work towards. This is going to be a beautiful Christmas, and a very exciting new year.

Check out the site I linked above, I guarantee you there is something for everyone. Have a wonderful weekend.


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