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Don’t Send Me An E-Christmas Card

I was just at my parent’s place this past weekend and my mom was mentioning how much she likes sending and receiving cards, and I realized people just don’t do that any more. I still remember sending letters and cards to my friends when we all moved to different countries at the age of 11, and that’s how we communicated. Even when emails started we continued, until of course the internet took over us completely.

I collect all my cards, kind of a hoarder in that sense. I know I will never wake up and be like oh my gosh, where are my cards I must read the standard “To Saba” and “From *blank*”. That’s the other thing that got me upset about people giving cards, generic messages. I am now guilty of that myself, because I don’t think people appreciate it anymore.

When I got these cards in the mail from Pop Joy Cards I was naturally over the moon. Firstly, they are hands down the best cars. Secondly, they POP UP. It’s a dream for a card lover when you have pop ups, or something flicker out (remember those butterflies) GAH!! I just can’t tell you how happy these cards make me.

If you saw my Instagram, then you know I still was debating who to give these to; myself included..kidding!! But I think the winners are my sister, and my brother and his wife. I have to pick a different one for my parents, although I feel my mom would have really appreciated this, I could not be biased.

What do you guys think? Do you prefer e-cards or a text message, or do you still appreciate the nostalgic beauty of sending and getting cards in the mail. Check out Pop Joy Cards page, you might like some of their other options. Also, tomorrow will be the day I get my Christmas shopping done, sigh. Wish me luck!


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