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Annie Thompson Fashion Show

Thursday was a super packed day of events, and I loved it to be honest. It can be tiring between work and running around for events from city to city but I can’t explain how happy I was at the end of the day explaining to squishee what the day was like. I met such amazing people this day I can’t even begin to tell you guys. Everything was just aligned right that day; if only I could go back.

Anyhoot, if you haven’t heard of Annie Thompson then you need to start looking her up now. Her work is so amazing, she’s Canadian and she’s just the sweetest soul to be honest. I have never come across someone who is SO happy and just oozes that energy out towards you. Some of the bombers that came out during the show made me want to take them with me right away . They were so good ugh!

Hope you guys check her out and support local fam!!!!



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