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Wink and Wave

I had the opportunity to work with the lovely Wink and Wave  in Toronto, and I was so happy. I have long lashes to begin with and originally wanted to just do a last lift, but last minute we decided to go with extensions. I didn’t want too long because I wear glasses and it makes it very annoying, and this was the perfect length and kept me looking natural and full which is really all I want. I enjoyed my time during the process; because if you have ever gotten your lashes done you know it takes time. The conversation was great, and I didn’t feel any pain or the harshness of glue. They also do hair extensions and spray tans if you are looking for any of the services and are mobile in the Toronto area. It’s great because they come to you if you are in the area, and if you’re not call anyway and see what you can do for yourself. Trust me, I love looking at myself with these lashes because it just means less makeup, less wear and tear from mascara and I swear I look so fresh. The bottom picture is of me with mascara, and it’s a professional pic for work and the selfies I took alone show how wonderful the lashes look. Nonetheless; try them out you won’t regret it.




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