Anniversary Celebration

Hey guys, so last Sunday we celebrated our 2 year anniversary (which was actually on Monday) but being a working day and all we chose to do everything Sunday. Plus Cirque Du Soleil was happening Sunday so we bought the tickets for then. This was our first time at any of the shows and we definitely enjoyed our time but it wasn’t like any of the other shows so we’ll have to make time for another one for sure. We also went out to eat one of our favourite cuisines; Thai food. We went to Pai and loved the atmosphere and two of the 4 items we got we were happy with. But it is definitely worth the try.

What I did want to talk about was the last 2 years of marriage. I know some of you don’t know but me and squishee met at work in 2010. We started dating end of 2011 and made our relationship official summer 2012 and since then it’s just been crazy. We had to go through a lot to end up being together, which makes our relationship so much more special. I was so drawn by his charisma and humour that I now get to share it with him daily. He’s my biggest fan, constantly motivating me and always there for me. Like all couples, we have our ups and downs and our first year was super hard. We had so many things happen and so many hardships we faced together. That’s what the key is; doing it together. Year two is obviously easier, not to say you don’t have things happen but you learn so much. You learn more about each other and yourself, and you know how to handle so many different things. I think what else I come to realize more is that even though I knew he was my best friend, he’s become more than that as we spend more and more time together. We can act so dumb together, and it’s the only person I can do it with. I’ve finally gotten comfortable in my skin that I can be however I want in front of him. I love our relationship so much and *knock on wood* don’t want to jinx it but I am so grateful to God for bringing him into my life and blessing us with our little life and the greatest two families one can ask for.



Pants & Shoes- Winners

Earrings – Charming Charlie

Top – Zara


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