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I got this Bite beauty lip scrub from my bff and although it smells and tastes really good I don’t think it’s the best lip scrub/exfoliator I have tried. It’s very soft so it feels good on your lips and not like you’re scratching down your lips with a rock, but I don’t think the beads in there are strong enough if you have dry or chappy lips. Something I have always struggled with so hence why I found it to be not good enough for me. I still use it daily so that my lips can get the treatment they need and hopefully with the daily exfoliation they will become more softer.


The other product she gave me was this Murad eye cream. It’s supposed to help with anti aging, while brightening and hydrating at the same time. If you have puffiness under your eyes and dark circles it’s supposed to be good for that. Now for me, I have dark circles and as of late puffiness too. It didn’t hep with dark circles but a bit with the puffiness. I’m sure you’d have to continue using it to help with anti aging to really speak to it. It was definitely hydrating though, so that was a plus.

She gifted me these Sephora hand masks and at first I laughed because what?! And then I realized this is the best thing for me. I am constantly washing my dishes, and don’t use gloves so my hands can get dry and over used. These were so hydrating, smell amazing and the design is pretty too. I put them on during a movie for half an hour and at night so that I don’t have to wash them any further and keep the moisturize locked for longer periods of them. Highly recommend them.

Lastly, I got this Kiehls midnight recovery oil as a sample when I purchased a whole bunch of other items. It’s something I travelled with + another night oil because I knew it would finish up quickly. It’s very hydrating and my skin would feel extremely soft when I was using it. I didn’t use a moisturizer after it, this would be the last item in my night time routine. I actually really liked it, and would definitely purchase a full size for future purposes.


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