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Black Sheep Box

I recieved this box a while ago (literally) and I just didn’t get a chance to try it out. Between all the products I buy and get, it’s almost impossible to keep up sometimes. I’m not complaining though, but I like to give things a fair chance.

I’ll keep it short and simple as I don’t believe these guys are really open for business anymore, but these Bella Cures products can be purchased separately. The butter cream is actually just as smooth as the name sounds. It’s a lotion consistency, not what I thought it would be because I really expected like a cocoa butter type of experience. I much rather the regular lotion feel.

The walnut scrub is something I use in the shower every other day. It’s important for me to exfoliate especially because I am getting laser hair removal done so it removes any chances of in growns. It is also so soft, not rough like some scrubs and exfoliators can be so if you have sensitive skin like mine then this is a good one.

Lastly this Fey Herba Organics oil is good for anything. I actually use it on my hair, for whatever reason because I colour it so much and I need to give it health and shine which oils always do. It smells nice and has notes of grapefruit and sweet orange. Going to apply some now.


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