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Subtle Green Review

I recently had the pleasure of working with a local company called Subtle Green  and I have to say I was very happy with their product. Sure it’s only one item I tried but sometime that’s enough to convince you about a brand.

First things first, they are a Montreal-based company which as you guys know by now makes me super proud of being CANADIAN! We don’t give enough credit to our home based goods to be honest. This line was developed as a luxury line with health and cleanliness in mind. The owner was a former aerospace and software engineer; goes to show how many things women can dabble in. They have been featured in a ton of magazines, Elle Canada, Fashion Magazine,, and many more but just to name a few.



They have a full range of products but I have only tried the powder mask which will be available to all April 18th. The mask is actually very customizable as you can use it with different household items and open up a whole other treatment for yourself. I used mine with water the first time but tomorrow I am trying one of their recipes. I used one teaspoon of the mask and mixed it together with water and applied all over my face. For starters, it feels very light and soft. I try masks a lot, and I mask every other day. So for me this was a plus. During winter days, like most people I get very dry skin so to have a mask that feels very stiff on your skin going on is already a disappointing sign to me.

I left it on for 20 minutes, and voila…your face feels so soft and smells great as well. This particular mask has Canadian Glacial Clay from British Columbia, which helps detoxify skin. It’s good for acne prone skin. I get a pimple here and there so I’m hoping this helps me out with those annoying forever staying pimples. It also has other superfoods such as desiccated honey which brings moisture to your skin, and the glow we all want. Maca; which gives your skin suppleness and vitality. A mix of coconut milk powder, dutch cacao, turmeric powder and rose petal powder for softening, brightening and give you the anti inflammatory properties. Some fruit acts to promote collagen and tone skin, rose quartz to buff skins surface and lastly essential oils just to finish up your overall look for your skin.

I don’t think there’s much more I can say than just try it out when it’s released because it’s truly amazing. I love a wet feeling mask, which in turn is giving me more than just one benefit of the use. It’s worth the $72.50 price tag, because you spend more than that buying different types of products to do what this one jar will do for you. Next time, I’m adding the mask with some natural honey (1 TBSP) and some Greek yogurt (1 TBSP) to really help with my sensitive skin. Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did. Happy Masking!


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