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Jane Scrivner Review

I am huge on skin care as you guys know by now. And these two products were actually really good to me. For starters, if you have not tried out Jane Scrivner  products then I highly recommend them. Not because these were given to me but strictly because I really liked the face oil and moisturizer. I used the moisturizer while I was on vacation (which was for a month) and I still continued to use it for a month and plus after because there is so much product in one tub.

Have you ever had mango souffle; because thats what the cream looks like and I am not even mad about that. There is no scent so that could be a hit or miss depending on your preferences. You use the moisturizer over the oil and it just helps mattify your skin a bit.

The cream has a unique function through a fabulous combination of collagen stimulating, beta-glucan rich colloidal oatmeal, calming & protective argan oil, cooling aloe gel, betulinic acid from white birch bark for tone and clarity finishing with vitamin E for enhanced barrier function. The oil itself though can be used on it’s own if you’re just looking for glow and a dewy makeup finish which I did a lot. Because it’s a strong one.

Hope you guys end up trying them out.



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