Got It From My Momma

HIII! So this was me on my mom’s birthday and my outfit situation became a bit of a disaster. For starters we stayed at my parents two nights before her birthday, very abruptly because the AC in our house was not working and so my hubby decided we’re staying with my parents so I packed in 4 minutes. The dress I took with me was brand new so I had no idea how it would look on, so when Saturday came around and I put it on it barely covered my big old butt, so much to my disappointment I had nothing to wear, and me and my sister have quiet different style but she saved me and after multiple options this jumper was my go to. Not gonna lie, I felt like i was Snooki for the day but hey, sometimes you gotta do things you don’t normally do. Fun day otherwise!


Jumper – Stolen from sister 🙂

Shoes – Tory Burch

Sunglasses & Bag- Prada

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