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Oneka Review

Hey guys!!! So I wanted to share my thoughts on these three products that I received from Oneka a while ago. From Native North American tribe Mohawk; Ohne:ka means ‘water’. The name Oneka was chosen to reflect the importance of manufacturing natural personal care products while being very conscious of water. Oneka products work WITH the elements of nature. They do this by using certified organic and wild harvested herbal extracts to nourish the hair and body without the use of sulphates, parabens, or synthetic fragrances. Oh, it’s locally made!

So this conditioner I actually really liked, the smell was of lavender and angelica which was really nice and I used a medium amount to really get through my hair. Keep in mind I have really thick hair and it’s long. The product lasts a really long time. The product is very hydrating, and the sage gives it the glow and shine. The benefits of horsetail give your hair a bit more strength as well.

The shower gel was my absolute favourite product, not just because of the smell but it was light, and moisturizing. I didn’t have to use a lot of product to get it all over. I also love the unison of these products because it’s rare that you can find one of the same in each thing you want. On a side note, purple is one of my favourite colors so I love this little hint added to my washroom (matches my mason jars)

Lastly, the shampoo itself. I think this was my least favourite out of the three, and only because I had to pump out SO much shampoo to get through my hair. My only issue with more organic and natural products is that you need so much more and it just doesn’t lather through your hair as you’d like so you don’t feel like it’s been cleaned. So you go through a lot more to get that clean, foamy lathered feeling. That’s also a personal opinion, so if you are okay with just running little product then you are going to be fine with this. Give them a try.


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