Quick Beauty Fix

Hey guys, I’ve started doing a very quick review of products i’ve used and finished and figured if you guys can benefit in any which way then i’m happy to share my thoughts. So here goes.



Ola!! This top was beautiful to look at, and I think photographs nice BUT it is the worst thing to wear. It pokes all over your body and makes you itchy. So I think this is definitely a one time wear.


All Black Everything

Hi guys! Just a very quick and easy look for a dinner I went to with a couple of girlfriends. I was wearing heels originally but by the time I went back and forth to get cash out and park my car I was so over it.


Yayoi Kusama

Hey guys! So if you were lucky enough to attend this exhibit then you know exactly what I mean when I say this was unbelievable. I could not believe my eyes, my heart, my soul, lol. Just pure magic.