Valentine’s Day

SO I totally repeated this outfit; minus the shoes. I originally wore this on my sisters birthday dinner but never got proper pictures and I was sitting the whole time so I figured dinner for v-day was perfect for it.

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Grand Palace

This was a day of random activities. We didn’t really want to do much but I figured if we didn’t go here we’d regret it. We did not last long since it was SO packed I can’t even explain it.


Bangkok Night 1

This was the night of our arrival and literally like 17 hours after we landed. We were dying quarter way through this food tour because we could not believe how exhausted we were. Two days and only 3-4 hours of sleep.

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Bring It Back

Is it too dumb to wish for warmer days again? Two days ago I was envious of everyones insta stories when I saw the snowfall. But after last night having to drive in it, I very quickly changed my mind.