Clay Day

Me and my friends tried making stuff out of clay last weekend and it was a decent success I’d say. I still remember doing it as a kid and loved every bit of it.

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Grand Palace

This was a day of random activities. We didn’t really want to do much but I figured if we didn’t go here we’d regret it. We did not last long since it was SO packed I can’t even explain it.


My Invisalign Experience

Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend! Another busy one for us, as I hosted a onesie girls night yesterday and it was so much fun. I love a good successful night, because so much work and effort goes into all of it.


Young Living Event

I got to attend the Young Living event on Thursday at the grand opening of their new location in Brampton and it was so beautifully done. The space has such a calming vibe, and everyone was so nice and welcoming.