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Chappy Chapman

It’s winter time, and we all know how dry our skin can get, especially in these Canadian winters. I use lipsticks all day, everyday but I’m generally running back to a lip balm to help keep my from getting chappy. I very easily get dry peely lips which is extremely frustrating. And a lot of lip balms actually don’t do the job and just kind of add a glisten on top on your lips. I’m sure you guys have tried Lypsyl already, if you haven’t then you must not be going to a store period; considering they are everywhere.


This Swedish company has been around for over 100 years, so  they’ve perfected their lip balms and made them really amazing. What  sets them apart from other brands is that they are formulated with beneficial ingredients such as certified organic shea butter, vitamin E and Swedish beeswax. This creates a natural soothing effect on dry, chapped lips.

The other upside is, they aren’t a female product. What I mean is that I can give this to J (my husband) and not worry about him tossing it out or getting annoyed that it’s like a gloss. They do the job!!

The most popular is their LypSyl Original Moisturizing Formula, but you should check out their Cherry flavour  and Sensitive for more options. They are very low priced, and you will have them sitting around everywhere in the house. These are the perfect lip balms to keep in your makeup bag, counters and cars, for when your lips are feeling a little chappy and dehydrated.

Hope you guys are staying moisturized in this storm.


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