Honey, I’m Home!!

So, after a long break I decided to come back to the blogging world. I missed you,x. I’ve gotten married in the last year, moved in to our new home, started at a new company and had a lot of changes come about. It’s been a crazy but learning year, and I don’t regret one bit of it.

I also lost all my content on the old blog, which was slightly disappointing but gave me enough motivation to work towards a much more approved one, with a totally different vibe to it. I’m still learning about myself, and testing out different styles and talking about what I might be going through that day so I hope you guys join me in this fun and adventurous journey. You will notice me focus a lot on local companies, and that’s just because over this past year I have realized how important it is to support home grown talent and how lovely people are if you ask for help. So look out for some South Asian and Western styles, some beauty reviews a bit of travel and a hint of life <3

Hope you guys had a wonderful weekend otherwise.


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