Ipsy – November Glam Bag Review

Hey Dazzlers 🙂

Hope you are still enjoying the little bit of the weekend that is left. Although it is now December, I never got to review the bag I received from Ipsy last month so here it is. I’m sure by now you all know exactly what they are and how their subscriptions box work.

I got a couple of items that I had already used which was good and bad in a way and I will tell you why.

First up, the Tarte Maracuja Oil. I actually real like the product and have it already in my personal collection. I do use it sometimes before going to bed, just a couple of drops and apply it to my skin. Although this is ideal for oily and acne-prone skin, I find it gives me just the right amount of moisture at night without the greasy feel and I wake up with quiet soft skin. It is helpful with anti-aging as well, but I can’t really vouch for that considering I don’t have any particular flaws on my face that I could account for. *knock on wood*

I have never used this Mad Lash Mascara from The Balm Cosmetics before, and with mine just finishing I was pretty happy to have gotten this in my bag. It’s not the boldest black mascara I have every used, but it does a good job of coating your lashes without the clumps. I have pretty long lashes naturally so I don’t think it necessarily added volume to my lashes, but it does give the clean seperated lashes look. I like my eyelashes to stand out so I was a bit disappointed with the overall product after using it. It’s not waterproof, so if you like the non-drama and just a nice jazz to your lashes you can give it a try.

My first time using the Formula X nail polish, and I also was not a fan. The color specifically, because it comes off as a weird dark green. I generally like darker tones, but this just didn’t do anything for me. It also is a very runny nail polish I found, so if I didn’t use light coats it would go all over my fingers. I like a thicker nail polish which doesn’t just drip easy or chip easy either, which this product did for sure. Keep in mind I wash a lot of dishes at home, so that could be the added chip factor. This is my only attempt with this product, so I might not be able to speak for all the colors they have either.

I love lip gloss, and if you have known me you will see I experiment with color a lot. And this was no exception. I actually really like how bold the Color is Bae by Elizabeth Mott lip gloss is. It’s not very drying, but not too shiny either. It’s almost a in between gloss and matte feel for me. With Christmas around the corner, you might see me wearing this a lot.

I actually have gotten this from an Ipsy bag before and I really don’t like this moisturizer. It adds no value to my skin, or my moisturizing routine. It almost feels like a watered down cream. So I personally don’t recommend this item to anyone. I don’t enjoy greasy creams, but even after using this I can always feel like there’s dry patches on my face and once you add makeup on,  you don’t want to look like a crumbling piece of pie.

Hope you guys appreciated my honest review. Lots more to come. Talk soon!!


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