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Tangled with my Tangle Teezer

I don’t know about you guys but I have some seriously thick hair (as most South Asians do). And it is not easy to manage. Without fail, all my hair stylists have said that it takes them a super long time to work on my hair, be it styling or coloring. I take pride in my hair though, also because I’m hoping this lasts me till my old age. But it’s definitely not fun washing and combing out.

I struggle with detangling all the time, not just after a shower but even when I wake up. I have tried multiple shampoos, conditioners, creams to avoid the pain of getting your comb stuck in those annoying tough pieces. Thanks to Tangle Teezer I was able to try out their original detangling brush,(mine is in Blueberry Pop in case you were wondering). Here are the top things I liked;

1) It’s compact

2) It comes in many fun colors, which makes a difference for me because I don’t like boring looking things

3) It actually does the job. I pretty much replaced my regular hair brush with this, because it helps me avoid knots even when I go to bed.

I don’t see any reason why every female shouldn’t have one of these. It’s extremely affordable as well and has different varieties, so if you have curly hair they have one available for that too. I have really thick and straight hair so the original is perfectly fine for me. You can also find a Hello Kitty version here if you really want.

Hope you guys check them out, and if you do or have already leave a comment.


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