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Keep Calm & Drink Up With SIP

Hello my loves, hope you had a wonderful weekend. Me and J attended a Christmas dinner Friday and man the fried fish at their house was to die for. Not a word of a lie. Like I couldn’t breathe, thank God I wore leggings type of meal. The weather was also really crappy so we crashed at my parents which worked out because a) love spending time with family, b) my parents were hosting a Christmas dinner on Saturday night.

Drink – Country General Riverside

Drink – Pukka Toronto

I really wanted to catch a good buzz, but yet again we ate too much and it never happened. Speaking of catching a buzz, I recently partnered up with another fun local company called Find Your Sip ; a membership club for discovering restaurants and bars. Right up my alley, i’m not really an alcoholic although I am making myself sound like one.  Members get to enjoy a free “welcome drink” at each of their partnering venues. I was all over this concept, and I think I know a whole lot of people who would enjoy this membership as well.

Drink – Maple Leaf Tavern

Drink – Mascot Brewery

Think about it, you end up spending a lot of money bar hopping so one free drink doesn’t really hurt you. The membership is only $10 a month (less than one drink at most places, and it includes all applicable taxes), and if you use the code SABA30 you get 30 days free to try the app. There are a lot of locations you can try out, and aside from just the one free drink; a value of up to $15, you also get to try out really cool places locally. I LOVE trying out places, eating different foods and trying out new drinks, so I really want you guys to take advantage of the free month and see if it’s your glass of martini (get it?!) Also, there’s no limit to how often you use the membership per week, so If you can go all around the city and keep yourself warm with a little alcohol.

Drink – Barsa Taberna

Drink – The Harbord Room

Let me know how it goes, and remember don’t drink and drive. Stay safe this holiday season.


Disclaimer: SIP Venues do charge a $2 fee for welcome drinks.

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