Bring Back The Good Weather

This is obviously not how it looks outside right now, but oh how my heart wishes it did. I shot this a few weeks back and even then I was complaining about how cold it is. Little did I know we’d get tonnes of snow in no time. I’ve had my first fall of the season as well, and if you know me that’s no shocker. If you don’t then I’m sure a part of you feels sorry for me. This is my 7th to 8th fall this year, and the only one that was caused by ice. So think about that for a second.


Say hello to my double chin. Very fond of pictures as you can see. I don’t know about you guys but my work is FILLED with goodies every half hour. A basket of this, a bucket of this. Chocolate here, cookies there. It’s non stop, and everyday I tell myself I won’t do it, but then I will walk by or hear somebody mention how delish it was, and I will drool my way over to the tables.

I actually even ate ridiculous amounts of food this weekend. Why?! I don’t know, possibly because I thought there’s famine coming along. I couldn’t even have a drink properly because I could barely breathe, and had to move my leggings around so my stomach could get some room. True story.


Christmas is so close, I still have another dinner and a birthday party between now and Christmas eve. I haven’t even though of what to wear, but I am already dreading the meals that will be coming along. How much food do you guys end up eating during the holidays? I don’t think I’ve actually felt this guilty until this year. Hope the new year brings some positive resolutions for me.


Jacket, Bag & Necklace- H&M

Jeans & Shoes – Urban Planet

Tank – Old

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