It’s Christmas Eve

I finally finished wrapping all the gifts, took me an hour and a half. And just finished up some goodies to take with me today and tomorrow. These are hot cocoa jars which are so delish.  I even made some for a few friends and co-workers. They are super easy to make and really quick. Everyone knows I am obsessed with mason jars, they are my candy jars, my vases, I have painted ones in my washroom to store stuff. Just love them. So, you start with a few small jars. Add in a quarter of dry milk.

Then you add half a cup of cocoa.

Half a cup of sugar & half a cup of chocolate chips, I used semi-sweet.

To top it all, I use a quarter cup of broken up candy canes.

Tie them up with some festive ribbons, or string. And in my case I had chalk to write peoples names on it, you can always create little tags.

If you’re wondering, RASH is an inside joke I use with my brother and his wife. Hope you guys enjoy these, and have a Merry Christmas eve.


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