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Take The Stink Away

Hi my loves, hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas and long weekend. I hope you guys are still enjoying time off, and if not suckaa. I kid, it must not be fun returning to work for some of you today. Although, most people here did have Monday and Tuesday off. While you guys have been doing some boxing day shopping and I’m sure sweating some in those crazy crowds I have had the chance to try out these delicious smelling body sprays from Body Fantasies.

This package that was sent to me had three mini scents all of which actually are strong, but really nice smells that you don’t end up feeling like you marinated in perfume before heading out. The first one I tried was the Japanese Cherry Blossom, which actually smells very flowery. It is one of the stronger scents in my opinion out of the three, and I would only maybe spray once or twice.

The second one I tried was the Pink Vanilla Kiss Fantasy, which I surprisingly didn’t mind. And that’s only because I hate vanilla. I don’t like the scent in anything majority of the time. There is a fruity element to it, but you can still get a large hint of vanilla in it. I still would prefer using the other two, but hey if you enjoy that scent this is definitely for you.

Last  but not least, my favorite scent was the Twilight Mist. For starters, it’s purple so yay to it being my favorite color as well. And secondly it actually smells amazing. It’s strong, but very subtle once it hits your skin and smells almost romantic if you let it settle in. I am for sure going to be replacing my regular body sprays with this one because I actually really enjoy the feel of this.

I also like their cute packaging with each spray which gives you a hint of what to expect when you pick them up without having to do a sniff test. And they are so compact if you have a regular sized makeup bag they will squeeze in, otherwise keep one in your bag, your car and even your gym locker.

Hope you guys give these sprays a shot, for their price it’s also so worth it.



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