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It’s Neon, It’s Edgy, It’s a Holster!

Although you might be thinking, hey she looks really cool as a detective 🙂 It’s actually a fun little holster, that Potrol was so kind to give me and it’s probably the brightest thing I own (aside from neon shoes that are the same color)

I know at first glance, your immediate reaction is that it looks like a gun holder, but it actually has so many uses to it and why would you want to blend in with the crowd. It serves as a clutch, a purse and you will be noticed. Also becomes a great conversation starter.

My holster is faux leather and in neon yellow, but they have multiple options available including harnesses purses and bracelets. This holster has two credit card slots and is actually not that big so it’s not really intrusive while you do your thing.

I bet you’re enjoying my awkward posing though. I also love that these pieces are from a local company, which as I mention anytime I work with a Canadian company, I LOVE SUPPORTING! They are authentic, unique pieces who stay true to themselves and the owner is a real sweetheart. As I continue to work with lots more companies, I have realized having a good quality creator is key to having success in your business as well.


Check the site out, and make some fun purchases. Thy have faux and leather options, and different colors. In this drab weather, this is even more of a way to not feel so bummed out. I have pasted the link at the top of this post for you guys to scope out their work. Have a good one!



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