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Christmas Traditions

I’m pretty bummed out that Christmas is over, I always feel like the joy and happiness everyone suddenly gets this time of year just vanishes over night. I also get really excited like a kid for Christmas and getting together with the family. We don’t have over the top traditions, but I think that might change once we have kids ourselves. But for now, this is what we do and I really do like it.

This was our second married Christmas, so we always get together at my parents place, make sure we watch Home Alone which is something our family has done since we were kids. Have some home made food, but we never grew up with turkey on Christmas in our house it was always South Asian food.  Plus, I am not much of a turkey fan to begin with, once a year at Thanksgiving is good enough.

And then at midnight we always open our gifts, which is of course the most exciting part. And then Christmas day we always go to church and in the past we did dinner with families at our church, but this year we had a gathering at my brothers place which was a whole lot of fun. Lots of games, flip cup (lol) and lots of eating.

This was me at Christmas Eve, the shirt was gifted by my mother in law that she found on her trip in England, in case you are wondering. The necklace is from Gem Haul, which is a fab company that provides you with monthly subscriptions of designer jewelry. Gem Haul is yet another Canadian company, and happens to be Montreal based. Each box has 3 pieces includes, which are worth almost $200. The best part about this subscription though, you return what you don’t want. Basically, you try on every accessory, wow people with the pieces and if there is an item you really like you can buy that at a discounted price, the rest you send back for free (they include pre-paid posting) and the next box will be on its way, and repeat.

I actually loved this necklace and got a lot of compliments on it, I wore it the night before to a friends birthday party as well. The problem usually with subscription boxes is that you don’t end up liking everything you get, so with an idea like Gem Haul has, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

The box is only $19 plus taxes, which my loves is a great price, because you can pay a lot of money for single jewelry pieces, which I know for a fact, you don’t get to wear all the time. And if you are still not convinced to subscribe, you can always shop the designer items on their site anyway. Also, you can use the code GEMS-SABA to get a discount on their site. Have fun dazzlers.


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