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Barefoot Venus Review

This little package I recieved is a unique one because when I first got it I thought it only had to do with feet to be honest, but Barefoot Venus surprised me with a whole bunch of different items in there. It’s actually great because there’s an abundance of items. This is a Canadian company so I absolutely love that and it’s been around since 1999, so they aren’t a new tiger on the street. I also love the artsy designs of their products. They make them so fun.

This mild plant-derived wash creates a rich, luxurious lather that cleans without stripping or drying your skin and it’s packed with skin loving extracts of; White Pine Bark, Green Tea, Ginseng, Bearberry and Licorice, skin is left silky soft

This hand balm is awesome because of the greatest ingredients and scents in this product.It has shea butter, mango seed butter, olive oil and soybean oil but it doesn’t have any parabens which is a super plus.

Spray on instant moisture and bid dry, water-starved skin a fond farewell. Super-hydrating Argan oil, Apricot kernel oil and moisture giving Meadowfoam oil cloak skin in silky-smoothness. You just use it in small amounts and and pat it onto your face and really anywhere on your body and hair. It is great.

Foot creams are the best. I don’t think I can discriminate to be honest, because my feet crack up so easily. It’s also a little hereditary so I have to keep creams around all the time. Sometimes it’s just straight up embarrassing if I don’t apply them to my feet. But happy to have tried this.

My go to lip balm in my living room, since I like to keep something around all the time, and this is just easy to use. It’s not a twist up, so you just push it up from the bottom and a little bit pushes out. I actually like it in comparison to twisting it up.

Last but not least, this massage oil is something I actually haven’t tried out but am looking forward to it. It’s a spray so it won’t just pour over you and be in abundance which I appreciate, but I don’t know how it feels or smells unfortunately so can’t speak to the magic of this. Since everything else has been great, I’m sure this is great too.


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