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Hey guys, I’ve started doing a very quick review of products i’ve used and finished and figured if you guys can benefit in any which way then i’m happy to share my thoughts. So here goes.

This Glossier serum I bought when they had their pop-up in Toronto, it was their last day they were shut off to the public and me and my sister in law just asked the lady there if we can get in since I did come from about 45 minutes away and she was kind enough to let us in. It felt like water on my face, no scent, no stickiness, like literally nothing. I’m not too sure if my face looked bright or anything, but it was definitely a serum I would keep if i’m using a jade roller for example.

These La Roche-Posay came in one of my glossy boxes I think, if i’m not mistaken Anyhow, I actually reallllyyyy liked these for makeup removal. They did a great job, and my only erk was that I had to go over my eye makeup multiple times, or just use a brand new sheet, but I was still okay with that because it did the job. HIGHLY recommend!

Dr.Jart water fuse moisturizer is something I will definitely get as a full sized item once I am done with my current moisturizer. This is so light, looks like water, not sticky and keeps you so hydrated. It’s not often a product does the job it says it will. Two thumbs up!

This Viktor & Rolf Flower bomb sample I finished quickly because I got it at an event in our package, but I already own the full sized perfume I got for myself for Christmas. It is a strong floral scent, but just so good.

Lastly, this Unani dermo defence face mask was another product I got in my glossy box, and I used it all up. I used it every other day near it’s end but initially once or twice a week because it was a stronger feel. The product is clear, and a gel and you only need it on for 5 minutes, but it did sting sometimes if you leave it on for too long, and I would have some redness after.

Have you guys tried any of these? What are your thoughts?


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