A little about me


My name is Saba and this is where I unleash my love for fashion and beauty. Let’s face it, I’m not a fashion or beauty guru, nor do I pretend to be up to date with all the fads. BUT, I do try a lot of different things and I’m not afraid to say what’s on my mind, so if you like somebody who’s a bit blunt, really sarcastic, somewhat crazy, knows her body type (it’s not skinny and I’m FINE with it), what she likes and what she hates then stick around.

I’ve been very lucky to work with a lot of companies, especially local Canadian brands, which makes my heart do a little shimmy. I’m a little girly with a hint of edge. I started my blog in December 2013, because I just needed an outlet for all things I love. It got my juices flowing, but I was not paying attention to it. I literally cropped pictures out from events and posted about it in the initial stages. I stopped for a year or so to get married, get life settled a bit and realized I actually love and breathe fashion. If I’m not working in the field, then I can build my own world the way I want. I turned 30, moved into my own place and experienced so many different things and I wanted to be able to share along with normal everyday people, that life isn’t all filtered instagram images.

Hope you guys enjoy my journey, and follow along. I love hearing from like-minded individuals. Feel free to comment or contact me at info@dazzlediary.com.